White Feather NW

Campsite rules & Guidelines

Our rules and camp guidelines are put in place so you and everyone else can remain safe and enjoy their stay at White Feather. Please always be considerate of others including neighbors and adjacent camps. We hope all stays are "problem" free!

Resource Guide

General Campsite Rules
RV Rules
Garbage Rules
Fire Pit Rules
Kitchen Rules
Bathroom / Shower Rules
Sauna Rules & Guidelines
Hot Tub Rules
Pickle Ball Court & Horse Shoe Pits Rules
Pet Rules
Terms and Conditions

General Campsite Rules

• Quiet hours are from 10:00pm – 6:00am
• Use restrooms!
• Clean up after yourself
• Parking is permitted only in designated areas
• No driving off-road. Use only designated roads and paths. 
• No ATV, motor bikes, four wheelers or any type of off-road-vehicles.
• Only people with disabilities may operate power-driven mobility devices other than wheelchairs.
• Please use ashtrays for your cigarettes.
• Glass is prohibited in all areas except kitchen.
• Drive slowly and watch for children
• Follow speed limit signs
• No excessive noise or loud music.
• Keep pets on leashNo fireworks
• Alcohol in kegs and other bulk containers are prohibited.
• Be considerate of neighboring campers and neighbors
• Follow all local laws and ordinances
• No discharging of firearms
• No ground digging associated with metal detection
• Please do not feed the wildlife
• Please keep watch over your children.
• Do not go on private property outside of the campground, in or behind other campsites. 
• You are held responsible for all your children's actions. 


WHite Feather NW Owned RV RULES

• No Pets in the RV
• Please clean up after yourself
• Clean up Spills and messes right away so they don’t soak into the floor/carpet. 
• Please do not scratch or write on walls/floor
• Please do not flush anything but human waste down the toilets. RV toilets are very sensitive. 
• Turn the stove off after every use. 


Garbage Rules

• Please keep garbage in a container/plastic bag
• Please put all garbage bags in provided dumpster
• Please break down all boxes and put in the right garbage disposal
• Please do a general site pick up at the end of each day to keep the campsite clean. (Wildlife is present)
• Please do not use dumpsters for broken appliances or large household items. 
• Please do not set garbage outside of the dumpster. Everything must fit inside.



• Only build fires in the designated fire pits.
• Firewood will be provided
• Always supervise children.
• ALWAYS follow all fire restrictions/bans
• Keep fires small and under control
• Never leave fire unattended
• Alway extinguish fires before leaving or if dry ,windy conditions come up
• No cutting of trees or vegetation



• Please cleanup after every use.
• Wipe down tables 
• Clean out sinks 
• Use a grill scrub brush to clean off grills. 
• Use a wet sponge or wet paper towel to clean griddle/cooktop.
• Make sure griddle/cooktops are all shut down and grills are turned off.
• Turn propane tanks off after every use
• Please take belongings with you when you leave. ( Food, Utensils, Napkins/Paper Towels)


Bathroom / Shower RUles

• Please clean up after yourself
• No pets allowed
• Please don't use any kind of hair dye in the showers
• No smoking
• Make sure water is fully shut off before exit.
• Do not write/scratch on the walls. ( All damages will be accessed to renters, please leave them the way you found them.) 
• Please do not throw paper towels, feminine hygiene products or trash in the toilet.


Sauna RUles & Guidelines

• Please sit on a towel or wear swim attire
• No horse play.
• No pets allowed in sauna.
• No smoking
• Supervise children at all times.
• Do not touch the stove.
• Be aware of a hot stove and steam.
• Please spray down the sauna with a hose after use.
• Open the window and leave the door open after use.
• Make sure the fan is on after every use.
• Exit Immediately if uncomfortable, dizzy, or sleepy. Staying too long in a heated area is capable of causing overheating.
• Check with doctor before use if pregnant, in poor health, or under medical care.
• Breathing heated air in conjunction with consumption of alcohol, drugs, or medication is capable of causing unconsciousness.
• Do not place combustible material on heater at any time.


Hot Tub Rules & Guidelines

• Please clean up after yourself
• No pets allowed in the hot tub.
• No smoking allowed in spa.
• Shower with soap and water before entering spa.
• Exit and enter hot tub slowly.
• Please no jumping or diving.
• Do not bring glass near the hot tub.
• Do not use alcohol, narcotics, or medications.
• Elderly persons must consult doctor before use.
• Pregnant women should consult their doctor before use.
• Children must be supervised by an adult.
• Do not enter if temperature is over 104º F
• Limit your soak time to 15 minutes and cool off before reentering.
• Anyone with heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure or any serious illness should consult with their doctor before use.
• Please replace the spa cover after use.
• Do not sit or lay on top of the spa cover.
• Please turn off jets after use.
• Please do not use soaps, or oils in the spa.


Pickle Ball / Horse Shoe Pits Rules

• Please do not eat or drink on the pickle ball court.
• No pets allowed on the pickle ball court
• No glass around court
• Do not abuse the net or equipment.
• You are responsible that sport equipment is returned in good condition at the end of stay.  Damaged or missing equipment will be charged to your site)
• Please leave sand in the pits, it is not a sandbox!


Pet Rules

We welcome pets on our campground, but they can sometimes get in the way of other campers. These rules/regulations will help keep you and your fellow campers happy. 

• Keep pets contained to your area.
• Pets should not bother other campers
• Pet noise control /excessive barking is not permitted.
• Pets are not allowed in White Feather RV, Restrooms, Spa, Sauna etc
• Bring your own shelter
• Pick up after your pets and put in an acceptable garbage disposal
• No unattended pets
• Keep Pets on a Leash
• No Pitbulls or other aggressive breeds


Terms And Conditions

• We expect all rules to be followed.
• You may be asked to leave if they are violated with no reimbursement.
• By Placing a reservation you agree to read and abide by park policies. 
• All Credit cards may have an additional charge if there is damage, items stolen, or excessive cleaning are to be performed.